Custom Grazing

   Our custom grazing operation is truly a result
being a grass farmer first and cattleman 
For years our cow/calf herd has
   been the main
tool used to keep our pastures
   healthy and legume

   However, as the farm grew it became harder
maintain the same level of pasture health
   with the 
same number of animals, and as a
   result the
custom grazing operation was born.

   In addition to our native cool season
   pastures, we use summer and winter annuals
   extensively to help maintain high pasture
   quality all year.  This allows us to carry cattle
   year round. 

We have the resources to comfortably graze up to 7000 head a year.  Since we follow the principles of Management Intensive Grazing (MiG), your cattle receive an unparalleled level of care and attention.  In addition, your cattle are always handled using low-stress techniques learned from the 'cow whisperer' Bud Williams.  Both of these have helped us earn the reputation as excellent care-givers and competent grazers.  References are available upon request.

For more information on MiG and Bud Williams' handling techniques visit these sites: and

Here are just a few reasons to graze with us:

  • grazing plans designed to best fit your needs; pre-conditioning to breeding to light finishing
  • healthy, legume-rich pastures
  • MiG
  • low-stress animal handling with the help of home-raised lead animals
  • water, high-quality hay/pasture, and free-choice mineral available at all times
  • low cost of gain with competitive rate of gain
  • flexible feeding options
  • flexible billing
  • can graze any class of cattle; beef or dairy replacements
  • modern, functional facilities designed to efficiently process/ship/receive truckload lots featuring Silencer hydraulic chutes and legal-for-trade group scales
  • utilizing the latest EID technology
  • to make you money

Our expert processing crew is ready to take care of your cattle!